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Japanese maples are a Pruning Pro specialty. Before the homeowner built a cedar planter around this grand old laceleaf maple, we verified the root integrity and improved the soil conditions. Dead, damaged and diseased wood was removed and the canopy was hand pruned for a natural, aesthetically pleasing look.

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The WildLife Botanical Gardens in Clark County, WA had overgrown pathways in the 'NW Natives' theme garden. Natural pruning techniques proved especially effective in maintaining the integrity of the garden. Pathways were cleared and all plants retained their natural appearance. Since shearing was avoided, visitors can walk the paths without noticing signs of recent pruning.

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Something a little different: This camellia was attached to the house with green garden ribbon and staples. Pruning was difficult and proper growth was restricted. Helping the homeowner locate and install a trellis behind the camellia, a few inches from the house, makes it much easier to train and prune. The camellia and homeowner are very happy!

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Specialty dwarf conifers are perfect for the Pacific Northwest. The interior of this beautiful Tanyosho red pine (Pinus densiflora) had thick layers of trapped sluffed off needles and heavy moisture. The interior was cleaned and pruned for more light and air flow.

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Another Japanese maple, this upright variety had long irregular branching and an out of balance appearance. Proper pruning not only restored balance, but kept the tree looking very natural. When pruned correctly, short stubs are not left behind. The tree branches will taper to a natural point and still look great in the fall and winter after all the leaves have fallen.

Pruning Tip

Winter Pruning: Now that deciduous trees and shrubs show their bare branches, it is an excellent time to prune for a healthy, balanced growth structure. Your trees and shrubs will be healthier and look better when dead, diseased, damaged and disoriented limbs (the 4 D's) are removed.

This is also a good time to prune fruit trees for stronger branches, fewer vertical water-sprouts and to encourage well-placed fruiting spurs. Different varieties of plant species like hydrangeas and roses have different pruning times and methods. Research your specific variety for best results.


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Whether it is ornamental or fruit bearing, each tree or shrub is pruned with respect for its growth habit and to enhance its unique, individual character.


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